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Value Added Services

Value Added Process Capabilities for Forgings

As a leading forging supplier to North American companies, CanForge is happy to provide value added services to make procuring forgings as easy and as cost-effective as possible.

Heat Treatment for Forgings

The heat treatment of forgings plays a critical role in developing the optimum levels of strength, hardness, ductility, and other important properties. CanForge offers customers heat treatment services that include annealing, normalizing, process annealing, normalizing and tempering, full annealing, and spheroidizing. Forgings can then be quenched and tempered to achieve the properties specified by the customer.

Rough Machining for Forgings

Significantly reduce machining time with CanForge's rough machining services. We rough machine forged rings, blocks, hubs, bars, and step-down shafts to near net shapes. This service is designed to save our customers time as well as money in purchasing, transporting, and delivery.

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Visit this page to learn about CanForge's cost-effective forging prices, or call us toll free at +1 800 263 0440, or fax your requests for quotations to +1 905 735 6992, or or complete our Request For Quote form.

Forging Quality Testing & Certification

CanForge offers original mill certification of a forging’s chemistry and its compliance with a customer’s exact requirements. We also provide certification for a forging’s chemical and mechanical properties as well as the results of any testing as determined by customer specifications.

CanForge supplies two types of quality testing: destructive and non destructive. Destructive testing is performed on an extra forging, a test coupon, or a prolongation of a forged workpiece that is broken off the final product. The forging is then tested for impact strength, stress rupture, tensile strength, etc., until it fails. Non destructive testing (NDT) services at CanForge include Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, and X-Ray, which can be used on a forged product to determine its quality without damaging its mechanical properties.

Forging Specifications

CanForge works to military specifications, AMS, ASTM, and proprietary customer specifications.

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