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Forging 101 - An Introduction

With over 100 years of forging experience, CanForge has developed the knowledge to compile helpful resources for our customers. Whether you seek to learn more about the process, are looking for smart ways to save money in your manufacturing, or ways to increase the durability or life of your product, review these helpful resources or reach out to one of our sales experts.

What Is Metal Forging?

Metal forging is a process which requires huge compressive forces being applied to a metal to deform it from its current shape, and then it gets re-formed to the desired geometric shape. The metal forging process is massively important in the manufacture of industrial metal, especially in the steel and iron manufacturing industry. Metal is placed into a forge and then is often rolled in a rolling mill to create the new desired shape. The finished result is often one where the properties of the metal have been vastly improved in strength etc.

Various kinds of equipment are used for forging metal, including the following:


Have a driving force of up to 50,000 pounds. These hammers rhythmically beat the metal into shape using controlled and high pressure blows.


Have a driving force of up to 50,000 tons. These presses squeeze the metal into shape vertically, using controlled high pressure.


Forging presses which are used horizontally for a metal forging process known as "upsetting".

Ring Rollers 

Used in metal forging to turn a hollow, round piece of metal against a rotating roll using extreme pressure. The result is a one-piece ring of metal and yet there has been no welding required.

Parts created in metal forging can vary considerably in size and can be up to 700,000lbs. Modern industry requires a huge amount of different parts to be created by the metal forging industry, including landing gear for aircraft, various structural parts for transportation equipment, including levers and gears, components for heat exchangers and various valves and pipe fittings for the oil and gas industry and specialized items such as large hooks for cranes, etc.

Although the set up costs of a metal forging plant such as here at CanForge are initially prohibitively high, because we are an established and reliable company, it is now possible for us to offer to manufacture large quantities of metal forging at a mutually beneficial cost.

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