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Forging Products

CanForge produces high quality, specialty Open Die, Closed Die and seamless rolled ring forgings for the most demanding and sophisticated engineering applications.

Open Die Forging Products

The Open Die plant occupies 122,000 sq. ft of production space and operates Ontario's largest open die hydraulic press (3,300) tons, two other open die presses of 1200 and 600 ton capacity respectively, hammers, heat treating furnaces, full machine shop and complete destructive and non-destructive testing facilities. This plant produces open die forgings to 40,000 lbs. and seamless rolled rings to 128" in diameter.

Closed Die Forging Products

The Closed Die plant occupies 80,000 sq. ft of production space and is equipped with double action air hammers to 10,000 lbs, supported by appropriate heat treating, cleaning and quality assurance facilities. There is capability for forging products up to 450 lbs. in weight along with the machine shop equipped with die sinking equipment. CanForge's closed die forging products are known in the trade for their sound metallurgical and physical properties and for the ability to meet all material specifications and dimensional requirements.

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