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Forging Specifications

As a preferred nationwide forgings supplier, CanForge takes pride in being a reliable resource for metal forgings that meet ASTM, AMS, military, and proprietary customer specifications. Canforge supplies forgings that meet exact specifications in Canada and the United States.   Call CanForge toll free at +1 800 263 0404 or visit our Request For Quote page.

2 Engine Jet PlaneASTM Specifications for Forgings

Products forged to ASTM standards meet international standards for quality, performance, and safety and, additionally, are compliant with many U.S. regulations which have incorporated or referred to ASTM standards. Contact CanForge for forged products that meet ASTM standards.

AMS Specifications for Forgings

Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) are in use worldwide to ensure quality manufacturing processes for parts and components used in aerospace applications. CanForge supplies a variety of forged products that meet AMS specifications; call CanForge today to learn more.

U.S. Military Specifications for Forgings

U.S Military TankDeveloped by the United States Department of Defense, military part specifications are used to ensure high quality parts for military vehicles and equipment. Private companies who supply military equipment or parts can rely on CanForge for forged products that meet the military’s standards; contact us now to learn more.

Proprietary Specifications for Custom Steel Forgings

Regardless of your company’s industry or product’s application, CanForge supplies the custom steel forgings that meet either your internal specifications or your customer’s requirements. CanForge can provide parts and components forged through a variety of methods, including open die forgingclosed die forging, seamless rolled rings and upset forging, in virtually any material, whether alloy steel, carbon steel, titanium, etc.

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