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Forging Capabilities

As a leading forgings supplier to customers in both the USA and Canada, CanForge provides the superior products you need. Our forgings provide high strengths and long service lives for a cost-effective price that cannot be met by our competitors. Although CanForge is a Canadian based forgings supplier, our clients are based in Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas in the United States and in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

We offer Open Die forging, Closed Die forgingRolled Rings, Step-Shaft forging and Bent Crane Hook forging – no matter what you require, CanForge is your forgings resource. Our forgings are produced from high quality stock, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and more. Custom forged shafts, rings, blocks, bars, and hubs are produced to your requirements and specifications. If requested, your forgings undergo heat treating services or rough machining, leaving allowance for your finished dimensions. High quantities or low, large forgings or small, CanForge provides the superior forgings you need.

As a number-one resource for forgings in the United States and Canadian marketplaces, CanForge commits to providing competitive pricing, meeting exact specifications, and delivering by your deadline.

CanForge is a fully compliant ISO 9001:2015 certified company, accredited with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP). CGP operates in conjunction with the US ITAR program (meeting requirements of Section 126.18(c)(2) of the ITAR), enabling us to offer trustworthy, competitive quality goods and services to companies across USA and Canada.

Closed Die Forging Plant

The Closed Die Plant occupies 80,000 sq. ft. of production space and is equipped with double action air hammers up to 10,000 lbs. supported by appropriate heat treating, cleaning and quality assurance facilities. There is capability for forging products up to 450 lbs.

Carbon 0.5 lb. To 450 lb.    
Low Alloy 0.5 lb. To 450 lb.    
Stainless 0.5 lb. To 250 lb.    
High Temp 0.5 lb. To 150 lb.    
Aluminum 0.5 lb. To 150 lb.    

Variety of closed die forging products

Open Die Forging Plant

The Open Die Plant occupies 122,000 sq. ft. of production space. This plant operates Ontario’s largest open die pull down hydraulic forging press (3300 tons), together with two other open die presses of 1200 and 600 ton capacity respectively, and is complete with hammers, heat treating furnaces, a full Machine Shop and complete destructive and non-destructive testing facilities. This plant produces open forgings to 40,000 lbs. and seamless rolled rings up to 128” in diameter.

Rolled Rings (Radial-Axial Mill) Min. I.D./Max. O.D. Min./Max Height Min./Max Weight
Carbon & Low Alloy 10/128 in. 2/20 in 75/6,500 lb.
Stainless 10/128 in. 2/20 in 75/4,500 lb.
Aluminum 10/120 in. 2/20 in 75/3,500 lb.
High Temp 10/115 in. 2/20 in 75/1,500 lb.

forming of a rolled ring

Mandrel Rings Min. I.D./Max. O.D. Min./Max Height Min./Max Weight
Carbon & Low Alloy 10/74 in. To 45 in. To 24,000 lb.

glowing mandrel ring

Shafting & Bars (Bars) O.D. or Square Length Weight
Carbon & Low Alloy To 27 in. To 40 ft. To 40,000 lb.
Stainless To 20 ft. To 30 ft. To 40,000 lb.

shaft for military use

Discs O.D. Max.   Weight Max
Carbon & Low Alloy 80 in.   24,000 lb.
Stainless 80 in.   24,000 lb.
Aluminum 70 in.   20,000 lb.
High Temp 70 in.   10,000 lb.

Discs of any size

Crane Hooks      
Carbon & Low Alloy Single Hook To 250 Designed Tons   Sister Hook To 350 Designed Tons

Crane Hooks with curved grain

* Above capabilities may vary due to part configuration or grades and should only be used as general guidelines.

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