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Comparative Analysis

When Compared To...

Open Die and Ring Rolled Forged Metal Parts Deliver:

Machined Bar

  • Contoured grain flow yielding greater impact and directional strength
  • Cost savings in material and reduction of waste
  • Less machining and longer tool life
  • Broader material options and size ranges



  • Superior and more consistent metallurgical properties
  • Reduced labour, rejection and rework/replacement costs
  • Stronger parts due to the elimination of welds
  • Single-piece design and inspection efficiencies
  • Simplified production requirements


  • Directional grain flow and superior final part strength
  • Structural integrity and product reliability
  • Reduced process control and inspection requirements
  • More predictable response to heat treating

Centrifugal Castings

  • Greater near-net part design flexibility reducing machining time
  • Sound, quality, rejection-free parts
  • Cost savings with the elimination of die, mold and set-up costs
  • Continuous grain flow for the optimum combination of fatigue strength and toughness

Torch Cut Plate

  • Significantly greater size and grade flexibility
  • Elimination of porosity and laminations
  • Reductions in waste and material costs
  • Controlled directional grain flow yielding optimum strength, toughness and fatigue resistance

Closed Die/

Impression Die 

  • Single and low volume quantity options
  • Prototypes with comparable properties
  • Near-net shapes with short lead times and the elimination of tooling costs

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