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CanForge provides the forgings ships need when they’re in drydock and need to get back to work quickly. From gear blanks to pintle pins, ABS shafts and couplings, we supply high-strength forgings in various sizes, shapes and grades to make these parts. Our forgings feature DNV, ABS, BV, and Lloyd’s approval.

Shipbuilding Shafts and Propeller ManufacturingSome of the forgings that CanForge supplies and produces parts include the following:

We supply forgings that are alloy, stainless, and carbon based. Many of these parts require materials such as super austenitic, nitronic, and super duplex grades.

There are a few advantages to forged marine parts. Sound centers and a continuous grain flow allow for a superior impact strength as compared to weldments or rolled bar. Forged parts will maintain their strength and durability over time, which will lead to less spending on repair costs and prevent you from losing revenue during the repair downtime.

CanForge has products that follow the near net shapes technique, which results in greater strength. It also reduces the need for additional machining, stress-prone welds, and numerous repairs.

We offer numerous ABS shafts such as propeller, rudder stock, line, drive, and more. Not only that, but we can supply keystock, marine tubing, and torch cut shapes. No matter what your shipbuilding forging needs, CanForge has the equipment and experience needed to maintain your ships.

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