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Spotlight On the Pulp and Paper Industry

The paper and pulp industry has been declining for several years as a result of digitization. But despite what you may have heard, all is not lost for this industry.

The companies that make up the paper and pulp industry are more determined than ever to adapt to the future, whatever it may look like.

... and Canada Forgings Inc. will be right there with them, every step of the way. Paper & Pulp Mill

CanForge and the Pulp & Paper Industry

CanForge has been forging metal in the wonderful region of Niagara since 1912. During this time, we have served a variety of industries, including the pulp and paper industry.

For years, the pulp and paper industry has relied on us to help them meet all of their supply and paper converting maintenance needs. We provide custom-sized forgings, either in singular or multiple pieces, that ensure durability, long-lasting equipment and fewer breakdowns.

CanForge has supplied a wide variety of forgings for this ever-evolving industry including:

  • Roll Journals
  • End Journals
  • Discs
  • Seamless Rolled Rings
  • Gear Blanks
  • Forged Hollow Outer Shells
  • Solid Spindle Rolls
  • Flanged Rolls

One of the main advantages of optimizing forged parts in the paper industry is their near-net shapes, which use less material, and saves companies considerable amounts of money. After machining, forged step shafts build journal hardness retention, which isn’t possible with rolled bar. And unlike mechanical tubing, forging’s advanced grain structure produces sharp engraving results.

Forging for the Future of the Pulp and Paper Industry

With graphic paper demand declining worldwide, the pulp and paper industry has been undergoing quite a transformation.

According to McKinsey, the industry is growing in other directions thanks to an increased demand for plastic-free packaging.

Over the past decade, several states and provinces across North America have banned plastic bags in hopes of reducing their carbon footprint. This anti-plastic movement is extremely beneficial to the pulp and paper industry as it encourages companies to consider biodegradable alternatives, like paper. In fact, the paper packaging industry is expected to soar from $70 billion to almost $90 billion by 2024.

No matter what the future holds for the pulp and paper industry, CanForge will be there to offer up our strong, durable and quality forgings. To learn more about how CanForge can help your paper-based company, call us toll-free at 1-800-263-0440 or visit our website to send us a message or request a quote today!


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