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Inconel®: Why You Should Be Using This Reliable Superalloy

At CanForge, we produce forgings for some of the most demanding industries. From jet engines to nuclear reactors, our high-quality forgings not only require exceptional design but superior materials that can withstand the toughest conditions they are put through. 

And that’s where Inconel® comes in.

Inconel® is a trademarked group of nickel alloys that are known for maintaining their reliability despite being exposed to strenuous conditions. Let’s explore what makes Inconel® a top choice for many of our forgings.

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What is Inconel®?

Inconel® is known as a superalloy because it can withstand high temperatures without losing its structural integrity. Different types of Inconel® can be selected for particular application needs and specifications. Some versions are alloyed with aluminum to improve oxidation resistance, while others include higher amounts of chromium to prevent corrosion.

In any type of Inconel®, nickel serves as the primary element because of the strength it maintains in high temperatures. Nickel holds the same structure from room temperature to its melting point. As an alloy’s temperature reaches closer to its melting point, the component can experience creep where its structures deforms.

In contrast, nickel alloys can maintain a directional grain flow, even in these high temperatures. Thus Inconel® can allow a forged component to keep its strength and integrity without being permanently misshapen or damaged.  


Inconel® forgings are created for a wide variety of applications in the following industries: aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and shipbuilding. 

  • Aerospace

With today’s commercial jet engines reaching temperatures as high as 1,700 degrees Celsius (or 3,092 degrees Fahrenheit), materials used in the aerospace industry need to tolerate prolonged exposure to heat. Nickel alloys like Inconel® resist expanding under these intense conditions. 

  • Automotive

Though not as scorching hot as jet engines, automotive vehicles still produce a significant amount of heat to warrant using Inconel® forgings in their design. From Formula1 race cars to high-performance supercars like Ferrari, Inconel® 625 is used for exhaust systems. 

  • Oil and Gas 

Machinery forged for the oil and gas industry undergoes some of the most extreme conditions. Between harsh, abrasive gasses and high-stress impact, Inconel® forgings can resist fatigue and corrosion.

  • Shipbuilding 

The ability for Inconel® to resist corrosion is also why it is a common choice for forgings in the shipbuilding industry. The superalloy can withstand the erosive nature of saltwater, making it a good material for propeller blades. In particular, Inconel® 825 is often used for marine applications because its molybdenum and titanium content helps prevent stress cracking and corrosion.

CanForge offers metal forgings in several types of Inconel®. These forgings reflect our commitment to producing reliable, high-quality components for the most demanding and sophisticated applications in the US and Canadian marketplace.

For more information, contact us or visit ourto view the types of Inconel® we can forge for you.


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