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Forging Equipment for North America's Pipelines

North America’s pipelines are an energy network that are critical to our daily lives. Although largely invisible, the pipelines in Canada alone span enough distance to circle the Earth 20 times. We rely on pipelines to transport the oil and gas we need to heat our homes, grow our food, get to work, and transport essential goods. Without them, our livelihoods and our economy would be very different from what we are accustomed to today.

In a world that depends on reliable pipelines, only the best components and materials are used in their construction. The design process for pipelines follows the highest standards to ensure they transport oil and gas safely. At CanForge, our reputation for well-built forgings has made us a partner of choice for pipeline development. We forge valves and pipelines that can handle high pressure and high-temperature environments, given the longevity that is expected out of these infrastructure investments.

CanForge produces closed die forged pipeline equipment and valves that are built specifically for the conditions they are required to withstand. Our gate valves are used to enable technicians to monitor the oil and gas coming through the pipelines and to adjust the flow. Our forged ball valves, also known as shut-off valves, are designed to turn off the flow completely. Ball valves are critical in pipeline construction because they allow operators to safely turn off pipelines during emergencies. These safety measures contribute to making North America’s pipelines dependable by keeping residents and our environment safe. 

With any type of valve we produce, we stand by our forging method. Unlike cast steel valves, forged steel valves are far more reliable. Our forged valves have fewer defects and have an improved grain flow. The strength afforded by this method means the valve will hold up to impact and not crack under pressure. Forged valves are also not known to shrink or hold moisture from being underground. This dependability is worth its weight when constructing and maintaining pipelines. The high quality of our forged valves means less downtime for repairs and breakdowns; our forged components are made to last.

In addition to valves, CanForge offers other types of pipeline equipment that include:


  • Bonnets
  • Forged cylinders
  • Adapters
  • Pressure Vessel Components
  • Couplings

No matter where the world takes us in the future, CanForge will continue to forge reliable components that our clients can depend on. We’re proud to be counted on to keep our world moving!

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