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Forged Parts to Keep Transportation Moving Forward

CanForge is honoured to be part of a legacy built from fire and metal. The history of forging is as rich in tradition as it is in innovation. A highly skilled craft, forging shapes our world and changes the possibilities of where we can go.

The forging industry we know today has evolved over more than 6,000 years. Noted historical groups, including ancient Egyptians and Romans, relied on forging methods for their weaponry. By the Middle Ages, blacksmith shops became an essential part of communities. Blacksmiths used a small firepit to heat metal before manually hammering the pieces into shape on top of an iron anvil. These shops expanded their offerings by producing items such as nails and jewelry. They also had the responsibility of forging horseshoes for safe transportation.

By the 19th century, forging played an important part in the industrial revolution. Changes in forging processes allowed higher heats to be obtained. Steam technology was harnessed to power hammers and enabled components to be forged more quickly and on a bigger scale. Industrial forging was born. These advancements propelled our world forward and expanded the possibilities of travel. By the twentieth century, forging had transformed the transportation industry. From ships to railways and automobiles, people could see more of the world. With the ability to produce unique and durable components, the forging industry helped us reach the sky with airplanes. Dreams of travelling to the moon became a reality with spacecraft.

At CanForge, we continue this history by challenging the limits of what’s possible. We can produce components that endure high-stress environments and meet the demands of today’s world. Our open die and closed die forgings are depended upon in the transportation industry as well as shipbuilding and aerospace.

CanForge’s products have a reputation for their durability and capacity to withstand corrosion. We use hydraulic presses and air hammers to manufacture an expansive list of reliable components for any vehicles. Our forgings are used in off-road, armored, cargo, trucking, and agricultural vehicles - to name a few. 

CanForge is also a trusted partner in the shipbuilding industry because we can be depended upon in any circumstance. Our cost-effective and high-strength forgings result in less downtime for repairs. We forge products while ships are in drydock and we can meet transportation needs fast, even in emergencies. Our parts include all types of ABS Marine Shafts, Rudder Stock, Anchor Shanks and Capstans. 

For the aerospace industry, CanForge supplies forgings for commercial, military and spacecraft. We are well-versed in the standards required in the aerospace industry and produce forgings that meet these specifications, if not exceed them. Our components such as turbine disks, shafts, and tail hooks are designed with structural dependability at the forefront of production. 

Whether your forging needs are for planes, trains, automobiles or beyond, CanForge can move you forward. Contact us to learn more about the difference CanForge can make in your projects. 


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