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CanForge: The Crane Hook Specialists

We build the tools that build the rest of the worldCanForge Crane Hook

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to make the tools of a blacksmith's forge?  Just about everyone has seen a demonstration of how metal is heated, beaten and shaped by the skilled hands of a smith in a forge.  With every strike of the hammer against an anvil, a new creation begins to take shape and before long, the end result is something unimaginable from the beginnings of a piece of ore that was smelted into the raw materials of its origins.

This is the kind of thing CanForge has done every day for over a hundred years. 

Considering the blacksmith demonstration, something a lot of people don't think about is: where did the tools come from?  The hammers, the anvil, the tongs.  So many of these things were built to withstand intense heat and impacts that easily fold lesser metals into works of art or utility.  CanForge does much the same thing on an industrial scale.  From fittings on pipelines, to components of nuclear reactors, shipbuilding, oil platforms, etc., CanForge really does forge just about everything. 

Crane hooks

Like the hammers and anvils, the infrastructure of our world, from ships to roads and bridges, sky scrapers, and hydroelectric dams all had to come from somewhere.  In order to build taller and better infrastructure, heavier materials had to be lifted and transported.  In this regard, the demand for crane hooks had to greatly improve. Since, after all, your end product is really only as good as the tools that created it. The crane hooks forged by CanForge are proven and reliable.


Steel is a very malleable substance.  It can be cast or forged into just about any shape.  The limitations of what it can do are really only restricted to its structure at an atomic level.  The temperatures it is forged at, in combination with alloys, as well as carbon content greatly influence its performance. The same stock that bends under weight can be used to be incredibly resistant to bending.  Steel can be made to be flexible, brittle, hard, or tough as the demand of the product require.  With crane hooks, strength is first and foremost.  Since this piece of the system is a choke point of vulnerability, it stands to reason that a crane hook requires special attention when it comes to design and performance.  Failure is not an option when considering the manufacturing of this component.  It has to be strong, and it has to withstand a lot of punishment over and over.


When it comes to overhead work, cranes carry almost unimaginable loads and they make the process look easy.  In reality, these loads need to be handled with precision and control, as well as reliability to make sure the materials that are being transported stay in the air from point A to point B. 


Special consideration must be taken when forging crane hooks. It's more than just a metal hook, it is a crucial element of an entire transportation system, bearing all of the weight and force that are part of a crane operation. This is why CanForge bent crane hooks are engineered for safe working loads under all normal conditions. Quality assurances by ultrasonic inspection and Magnetic Particle tests are used to make sure all crane hooks will perform up to the standards and tolerances for which they were designed. Even down to the grain of the steel, hooks are pre-formed to give directional grain flow conforming to the hook shape for added strength and reliability. This is all done to the customers' specifications.


Since CanForge has been working with industrial steel applications for over a hundred years, we are no stranger to the demands of our customers. This is no different with bent crane hooks.  Not all jobs are the same, so it should stand to reason that with different worksites come different demands for the tools used to get the job done.  Bent crane hooks are just another tool in the toolbox for building massive infrastructure.  With advances in engineering and design, the way things are built continue to evolve as well. CanForge can meet these demands, producing crane hooks that are up to whatever task is required of them.

  • Mill duty
  • Ladle
  • Duplex/Sister Hooks
  • Single hooks 
  • 10 to 400 designed tons
  • Carbon, low alloy & Stainless Steel
  • Quad Hook designs

Who we are

CanForge has been producing quality forged components in Welland, Ontario since 1912 and our expertise has kept us ahead of the curve for generations.  From the demands of the end of the Industrial Revolution, two world wars, the development of major North American cities, and into the future with nuclear power and windfarm turbines, CanForge continues to serve its customers with the same quality and expertise it has delivered for decades.

While other forging companies have gone overseas, CanForge stands tall and proud as a Canadian company that delivers unsurpassed forged components around the world.  From oil pipelines to shipyards, wind turbine gear boxes to nuclear reactor components, CanForge has seen and done it all!  

Contact us to see how CanForge can take your needs in forging metal to the next level.  With quality control, testing, and a forging process that ensures your product will perform to your specifications and beyond, you can trust CanForge for your industrial forging needs.  


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