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Based in the Niagara Region, at the eastern end of the Great Lakes Basin, CanForge is an ISO 9001:2008 certified forgings supplier to the North American marketplace. We specialise in forgings for the Oil & Gas industries and Power Generation (including Nuclear and Wind) industries, and have been supplying quality forged components to the United States Defence Industry for many years.

CanForge is among the very few companies in North America that has the capabilities to deliver quality forgings in all three main segments of the forging market – Open Die forging, Closed Die forging and Rolled Rings. We also have expertise in Shafts & Bar forging, Step-Shaft forging and Bent Crane Hook forging – no matter what you require, CanForge is your forgings resource. Our steel forgings are produced from high quality stock, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and more. Custom forged shafts, rings, blocks, bars, and hubs are produced to your custom requirements and specifications. If requested, your forgings undergo heat treating services or rough machining, leaving allowance for your finished dimensions. CanForge provides certification for a forging’s chemical and mechanical properties as well as the results of any testing as determined by customer specifications.

High quantities or low, large forgings or small, CanForge provides the superior forgings you need. As a number-one resource for forgings in the United States and Canadian marketplaces, CanForge commits to providing competitive pricing, meeting exact specifications, and delivering by your deadline.

Canadian and United States Open Die Forging

Open Die Forgings

CanForge Open Die forgings comprise Discs, Shafts and Bars, Step Shafts and Mandrell Rings. We specialise in forgings for the Oil & Gas industries, and have been supplying quality Open Die forged components to the United States Defence Industry for many years.
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Canadian and United States Closed Die Forging

Closed Die Forgings

CanForge's Closed Die forging products are known in the trade for their sound metallurgical and physical properties and for the ability to meet all material specifications and dimensional requirements.
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Canadian and United States Seamless Rolled Ring

Seamless Rolled Rings

CanForge serve the Canadian and United States industrial world in a wide variety of applications including nuclear reactor and pressure vessels, off-road equipment, bearings and gears and many other high temperature, high stress applications.
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Our Forging History

Our History

CanForge is a Canadian owned custom forging producer founded in 1912. The company operates two plants on 8-1/2 acres of land in Welland, ON in the heart of the Niagara Region. From our inception we have been delivering quality forging products for both United States and Canadian markets.
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Our Experience and Markets

Experiences & Markets

Experience is key when it comes to forging critical components. Having served industries across the United States of America and Canada such as Aerospace, Road and Rail Transportation, Defence and Power Generation (including Nuclear, Gas and recently Wind) for the past 100 years, CanForge has established a deserving reputation in both the United States of America and Canadian markets for quality, reliability and customer service second to none.

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Our Building in Welland

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CanForge welcomes your enquiries. To receive a quotation for your forgings needs, please complete the CanForge Request A Quote form. Our Sales Department will respond promptly to your requirements. To contact us directly please call us toll free at 1-800-263-0440.

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