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What are ASTM Specifications?

Canada Forgings Inc. is proud to be a reliable resource for metal forgings that meet ASTM specifications. ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is a global leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards.

The group formed in 1898 to address a series of rail breaks that were plaguing the railroad industry. The team of engineers and scientists worked together to develop a set of standards, which prevented further incidents and guaranteed higher quality rail products.

Today ASTM is known as one of the world’s largest international standards developing organizations. The group consists of over 30,000 members and includes product users, producers, consumers, academics, and consultants. Members originate from across the globe and bring their varied levels of expertise to establish the standards.Material Analyzer Measuring Stainless Steel

What are ASTM Standards?

ASTM standards are imperative in ensuring any materials used are high-quality and perform the way they’re intended to. These specifications are used in a variety of industries to ensure enhanced performance and safety.

There are 12,000 plus standards upheld around the world, each with its own number. The standards fall into one of the following categories:

  • Standard specification
  • Standard test method
  • Standard practice guide
  • Standard classification
  • Terminology standard

ASTM standards are vital in evaluating the material, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical properties of metals. This information is incredibly useful as it helps product manufacturers ensure proper processing and application procedures. 

CanForge’s role in maintaining ASTM standards

As a preferred nationwide forgings supplier, we offer forgings that meet a series of specifications in Canada and the United States, including ASTM standards. Products forged to ASTM standards meet the international standards for quality, performance, and safety.

In abiding by these standards, we use only the most superior steel and alloy to forge our products. This leaves our customers with a quality end product they can rely on to serve their market.

CanForge takes a lot of pride in being a reliable source for forged steel that meets ASTM specifications. Our team is constantly adapting to meet the exact specifications provided by our clients, which includes staying up-to-date on industry best practices and ensuring compliance with all federal, provincial, local laws, as well as all industry-specific guidelines and regulations.

Contact us to learn more about how we can use our various forging techniques to create products that meet ASTM standards, or easily request a quote using our online form here.


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