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Value-Added Services: The CanForge Advantage

Since 1912, Canada Forgings Inc. has striven to make obtaining forged materials as easy and cost effective as possible for our clients.

While other North American forging companies make similar claims, CanForge is unique among them—not simply because we have the capacity to supply all segments of the forging market, but because our high-quality specialty forgings are second to none and reflect our ongoing commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our forgings have stood the test of time in the most demanding and sophisticated industrial applications, including those for the aerospace, power generation, energy exploration, and transportation industries. Among the many advantages of doing business with CanForge is the range of value-added services we offer.

The goal of these services is to not simply to help our customers to feel confident about the strength, durability, and efficacy of our products, but also to make your workflow more efficient. CanForge Area

So, which services do we offer?

Heat treatment is a big one! Heat treatments describe a group of processes which are crucial to ensuring the strength, hardness, and ductility of your forgings. Heat treatments ultimately determine the integrity of the final product by relieving internal stresses and refining the grain structure of the object, which ultimately improves the mechanical and physical properties of your forging.

For machinability, CanForge can supply forgings in annealed, normalized, normalized and tempered, process annealed, spheroidized or full annealed condition, with the option to quench and temper the forging to ensure a balance between strength and ductility and preventing snapping or shattering.

CanForge also offers rough machining services for bars, blocks, hubs, step-down shafts, and forged rings to make your workflow more efficient, reducing the time required to machine the forged stock into finished product.

Rough machining changes the shape of the forged stock to meet the needs of our customers who recognize the superiority of forged product and desire to keep their manufacturing, machining, and transportation costs as low as possible.

We know that everyone is busy; in every industry, time is of the essence. That’s why CanForge also offers fast, accurate quotes to those interested in doing business with us. You can rest assured that you will receive an accurate, competitive price and delivery time when inquiring about our open die, closed die, and rolled ring forgings, and prices quoted include the cost of destructive and non-destructive testing, if required by the customer—that’s the CanForge advantage!

And on that note, we also offer a series of destructive and non-destructive tests that confirm our forgings are truly exceptional!

Non-destructive testing (NDT) includes services such as x-rays, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant tests which assure that forgings are free of any flaws or mechanical defects. It is named as such because these tests are non-destructive and therefore do not compromise the integrity of the object, making it a more cost-effective method of testing.

Destructive testing (DT) refers to services like charpy impact, tensile, stress rupture, and grain size testing which apply measured, controlled force until the test piece falls apart. The test piece in question is usually obtained by ordering an extra forging, creating an extra test coupon, or forging a prolongation of the workpiece which is then removed after testing.

While destructive testing does destroy the product, it is more easily performed and ultimately yields more and more-easily-interpretable information. Of course, we will also provide the results of both forms of testing, as well as a certification that details a forging’s mechanical and chemical properties.

For industry specific specifications, CanForge is equipped to meet ASTM, AMS, Canadian and US military, and proprietary customer specifications. Check out our Forging Specifications page for more information.

For more than 100 years, CanForge has served the forging needs of industries across Canada and the United States, and our reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service is unrivalled. With more than 175,000 square feet of productive space, our open and closed die facilities are more than equipped to meet any challenges that come our way!

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