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Supporting Local Manufacturing

Canada Forgings Inc is proud to be a new member of the Niagara Industrial Association (NIA).  Working with various industry leaders in Niagara, we feel we can get better exposure and offer more value added to our customers through partnerships with other manufacturing and service companies that surround us.  Please look for us at various NIA sponsored events.


Competitors in the Field, Partners in Industry

Who we are 

The NIA is the only Niagara-based organization that focuses solely on advancing the interests of Niagara’s manufacturing sector to ensure Niagara is a competitive place to do business.

What we do

The NIA influences government policy, pursues business development opportunities, provides members with important industry information, builds strategic partnerships and leverages programs and services that support industrial development.  

Future Plans

Niagara manufacturers are justifiably optimistic for the future of the industry. With multimodal transportation (rail, highway, water) and excellent proximity to the New York, USA border while remaining within an hour of the GTA Niagara is ideally situated to serve both markets.  Coupling location with the breadth of manufacturing expertise Niagara manufacturers working together can meet virtually any manufacturing need.

As membership grows, the NIA will be able to further advocate and advance the interests of the manufacturing sector in Niagara and beyond.

Please join the NIA and participate in advancing manufacturing in Niagara.



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