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Spotlight on the Transportation Industry

Forgings can be used in a variety of transportation industries–from the automotive and trucking industry to the aerospace industry. They provide the vehicle with the strength needed to endure many different environments, which can often be a challenge to meet.

Canada Forgings Inc. has served North America’s transportation industry for decades, creating components that endure high-stress environments and meet the demands of today’s world. During this time, our open die and closed die forgings have become instrumental in the transportation industry.

We use forging equipment like hydraulic presses and air hammers to manufacture an expansive list of reliable components for a long list of vehicles including but not limited to trucking, off-road, cargo, and agricultural vehicles. High Speed Red Commuter Train

As a result of our reliability and high-strength forgings, we are also a trusted partner in the shipbuilding industry. We forge products while the ships are in drydock and are able to meet their transportation needs in record time–even in emergencies! From ABS Marine Shafts, Rudder Stock, Anchor Shanks and Capstans, we supply high-strength forgings in various sizes, shapes and grades to make these important parts.

For the aerospace industry, CanForge supplies forgings for commercial, military and spacecraft applications. We are well-versed in the standards required in the aerospace industry and produce our forgings to not only meet these expectations but exceed them. Our forgings are made from non-ferrous, ferrous, and special alloy metals and each of our components, such as turbine disks, shafts, and tail hooks, is designed with structural dependability in mind.

Forging Forward in the Transportation Industry

Over the past decade, automotive and aerospace industries, among several other transportation industries, have experienced a shift in technology with the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs).  

Transitioning to these sustainable vehicles brings about new challenges that automotive companies have yet to solve, like power-to-weight ratio and expensive component supply, which present forging companies like CanForge with several opportunities.

One of the largest concerns EVs are currently facing is their power-to-weight ratio. Manufacturers are worried that given their hefty lithium-ion battery packs, these vehicles may be limited on how far they can travel.

Given the high-strength, lightweight, cost-competitive, range-advancing benefits that forged steel and alloy parts provide, the forging industry is well-positioned to optimize these vehicles and deliver the efficiencies required to pave the road for the next generation of transportation.


Whether your forging needs are for planes, trains, automobiles, or beyond, CanForge can help you move forward. To learn more about how CanForge can supply your vehicle with the forgings required to withstand any environment, call us toll-free at 1-800-263-0440 or visit our website to send us a message or request a quote today!


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