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Small Batch Production with Big Results

True innovation requires time and experimentation. Great innovators like entrepreneur Steve Jobs, to NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, have expanded the possibilities of what technology can do. These trailblazers are celebrated for their ability to harness ideas and make them a reality. But they also had a team that helped develop their ideas through prototyping and testing.

The CanForge team supports innovators who are leading change in their industries. Our forgings are found in some of the most technologically advanced industries in North America including aerospace applications, defence and power generation. We work with clients who encounter engineering challenges and require the expertise to overcome these obstacles. We also understand the immense value that comes from experimentation and we forge small batch productions for just this reason.

Many of our clients request custom-forged pieces that can be used for testing purposes. We bring our experience and knowledge to every one of these projects to ensure our forgings meet the application’s requirements. During this process, our team evaluates the unique properties of each metal to determine whether or not they will be suitable for the application. The durability, strength and weight of the metal will affect the overall performance of the forging components. This is why our forgings are produced from an array of materials that include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloy. Our clients depend on us to have the superior materials they require for their unique projects. 

Our CanForge team also provides the expertise required to determine the best heat treatment techniques for each application. Heat treatments are a value-added process that can help strengthen the final product and improve its physical properties. We can forge small batch productions using a variety of heat treatments to achieve the desired result. When we run small batch productions, we work with our clients to reach the optimal balance of durability and affordability. Our knowledge, paired with the client’s specifications, means that together we achieve outcomes that are superior and cost-effective.

With over a century of experience in the forging industry, CanForge knows what it means to innovate and test the limits of what’s technologically possible. We offer many economic advantages to provide the best value and quality forgings in Canada and the US. Let us help you forge ahead with your projects! Contact us to discuss your small batch production needs.



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