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Rolled Rings and Their Many Uses

In a world that loves flashy electronics, it can be easy to lose sight of the tried-and-true technology that we rely on every day. Some of the most impressive technology we use is so simple that we take it for granted. They’re the components that work behind the scenes to keep our world moving. Rolled rings are one of those things.

At first glance, a rolled ring appears to be a basic piece of metal that can be used for anything. The design is uncomplicated: a seamless rolled ring that can vary in shape and size depending on the application. We’ve seen them everywhere. They’re in the gears of your car, the motor of your washing machine, and in a variety of machinery that make our lives easier. It’s their popularity that makes them so special: their uses are endless in possibility.
At CanForge, we produce seamless rolled rings that are in countless applications. Everything from nuclear reactors to airplane engines requires the use of our forged rolled rings to make them work. With outside diameters of just a few inches to 128 inches and in weights from a 100 pounds up to over 6000 pounds, the range of what we forge is truly incredible.

We receive Requests for Quotes for a wide scope of applications because our forged rolled rings can withstand the limits placed on them. Our forged products are used in many types of high temperature and high stress applications. Our clients rely on us to forge dependable, quality made rings for pressure valves, off-road equipment, bearings, and gears. And with over 100 years of forging experience, we can deliver on these expectations.

Using a method known as ring rolling, we first forge a circular preform of metal to achieve structural integrity and directional grain flow using our open die process. The workpiece is then pierced with a hole. This creates a hollow “doughnut” that is heated and placed onto a ring mill to be worked until the desired size is achieved. The result is a seamless rolled ring that maintains strength and durability.

Our seamless rolled rings are a cost-effective product offering that requires less machining compared to other methods. There is little to no waste of raw materials that keeps our production costs low.

CanForge offers forged rolled rings made out of the following materials:

•    Stainless Steel
•    Aluminum
•    Hi Temp Alloys
•    Carbon and Low Alloy Steel

We can supply rolled rings in a variety of grades and sizes to meet your requirements. Contact us to learn more about what we can forge for you! As an industry leader, we can meet your specification needs.



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