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Mining and the Importance of Reliable Forged Parts

Mining Quarry Almost everything we depend on in our daily lives is made possible because of the mining industry. From cell phones to coffeemakers to cars, the mining industry enables us to advance our technology and innovate our world. The industry accounts for more than 620,000 jobs in Canada alone and is a major contributor to our economic growth.

For as much as we rely on this industry, mining relies on dependable equipment to keep its operations running efficiently. Mining is a demanding industry with little room for setbacks or delays. Miners require durable machinery that can handle harsh, rugged environments without breaking down. At CanForge, we forge several components used in mining equipment. Let’s look at the most common types of machinery used in mining and how our forgings satisfy the industry’s standards.

One of the most indispensable tools are drills, which are used to create access points to extract metals and minerals from the ground. The drills can be used to make entryways for miners who need to work underground. They are also used to produce channels where explosives can be discharged to extract material that is buried within rock.

For aboveground work, earth movers are essential machinery for transporting discarded materials and soil. An earth mover is no ordinary dump truck as it is designed to move massive quantities of material at a time. For example, the largest heavy-duty mining dump truck in the world, the Belaz 75710, has a payload capacity of 496 tonnes, or nearly 1 million pounds.

Crushers are another essential tool for mining operations. As the name implies, a crusher is designed to reduce larger materials or rocks into smaller pieces such as stone, gravel or sand. There are many types of crushing equipment available and they must endure the continuous, strenuous pressure of breaking down hard materials. 

At CanForge, we set a high standard when it comes to forging components for mining equipment. Our forging process is the best method for building these components because it creates an ideal grain structure for strength and durability. This means mining machinery will be able to withstand prolonged heavy use without failure compared to other methods such as casting.

CanForge forges components through open die applications ranging from bushings, disks, bucket pins, drive gears, gear blanks, pistons and more. We provide mining-specific grades (4330V and 4350Cu) in addition to alloy, carbon, steel and stainless. 

No matter how tough the work is, CanForge has the forged components to keep your project on track and on time. Contact us to learn more about how we can equip you with forgings for your mining needs.


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