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Keeping Things Afloat with Forged Parts for Shipbuilding

At CanForge, we’re right where we need to be. Not only are we positioned as a leader in the forging industry, but we are perfectly situated near the Welland Canal.

The Welland Canal plays an integral role in supporting the economic relationship between Canada and the United States. Over 3,000 ships navigate the canal each year, carrying cargo like iron, steel, stone, and grain. Together, these ships carry almost 31 million metric tons of cargo per year!

With our two forging plants in Welland, Ontario, CanForge is at the heart of this marine hub. We proudly support the shipbuilding industry with our forged parts. Many ships rely on us to forge components when they’re in drydock. We help cargo ship crews get back to work quickly with parts that will last. 

This is because our forged marine components have a durability that cannot be matched by weldments or rolled bar. Our high-quality forgings have sound centres for superior strength. These products have a continuous grain flow, a process that results in improved mechanical properties. A well-aligned grain flow ensures the component will be able to withstand high impact without cracking or fracturing.

This is also why we are the forging company of choice for many shipbuilding companies around the world. We’ve produced forged components for the US Navy because we can meet the high standards required. We also partner with Jered LLC, a company with a solid reputation for building marine systems and naval deck equipment. Our customers rely on our forgings to keep their operations running smoothly. The durability of our forged products means our customers spend less money on repairs and more time out doing the work they need to do.

CanForge produces forgings from a range of materials that are alloy, stainless, and carbon-based. Some of the components we forge include:


  • Shaft Couplings
  • All types of ABS Marine Shafts
  • ABS Gear Blanks
  • Rudder Stock

With over a century of experience, CanForge is a trusted forging supplier for the shipbuilding industry and beyond. No matter what your forging needs are, CanForge can meet your specifications.

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