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Forging Client Spotlight: Jered

One of the unique things about CanForge is that we work with an impressive list of clients. Since our forging products are used in a wide range of applications, we get the opportunity to work alongside many industries.

One such area is the shipbuilding industry, a field that is vastly changing from day to day. We partnered with Jered LLC, a company that sets the standard for marine and defense systems. Part of PaR Systems, Inc., Jered LLC has over 70 years of experience in designing naval deck equipment. Founded in 1946, the company has a long-standing history of working with the US Navy to produce quality products used in shipbuilding, including steering gear systems.

Throughout the years, Jered LLC has expanded its manufacturing of engineered equipment. In 1992, the company relocated from Detroit, Michigan to Brunswick, Georgia so it could expand its product range by having bigger facilities. Not only does the company engineer equipment for defense applications but it also produces cargo handling systems, deck machinery and cranes.

Now in its recent merger with PaR Systems, Jered LLC can more quickly adapt to changes in the marine industry than ever before. The company specializes in building aircraft and cargo elevators, and its Deck Edge Aircraft Elevator is the US Navy standard. Jered LLC continues to build naval ship equipment but also offers additional applications that include automated handling systems. Its engineering capabilities now span from systems engineering to machinery design, making the company a leading expert in the marine machinery industry.

Jered LLC’s continuous efforts for excellence aligns with what CanForge aims for in the quality of our forgings. Similar to Jered LLC, CanForge has a long history of adapting our business to the changing market conditions. During World War II, we provided military equipment to the Allied forces. Through the years our services expanded into partnerships with leading companies in the nuclear, aerospace, aircraft and shipbuilding industries. Today we supply quality forgings to companies across North America.

Like Jered LLC, we work to create designs that meet the specifications requested by our clients. We provide rigorous testing to measure our products to the highest standards. And we continue to innovate our manufacturing processes as technology and specifications change in the industries we work with. We’re excited to see where we’ll be needed next.
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