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Forging Applications: Have a Look at our Resume

Here at CanForge, we are often asked about the different types of forgings we can produce and whether we can make custom pieces. Because we work with industries that range from aerospace applications to military equipment, the short answer to this question is that it’s very likely we can make what you need. 

We have quite the resume, which is a reflection of our years of experience in manufacturing forgings for various Open Die and Closed Die applications. Our ability to make high-quality forgings is the result of the expertise of our team and the major equipment we use.

Open Die Applications

Using Standard Industrial Classification, or SIC codes for short, the forgings we make are classified according to individual industries. These codes classify businesses according to their primary industry sector. We use these codes to identify what industries our forging applications fall under. We produce forgings for all types of equipment that are used in the sky, on land and in the sea. Let’s look at our extensive resume for our Open Die applications.

CanForge has experience making aerospace components that include materials for aircraft engines and engine parts. We meet the Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS), the standard for ensuring quality standards are maintained in the manufacturing of products for aerospace applications. 

CanForge also provides forging products for railroad and transit applications, as well as the oilfield industry and petroleum refinery. We make materials for various types of machinery including farm and mechanical equipment, cranes, rolling and steel mills. And we have experience forging materials for the shipbuilding industry, having made naval components used by the US Navy. We even do work for the mining and nuclear industries.

In our 120,000 square feet open die plant, the possibilities are almost limitless. We use several types of equipment that allow us to make such a wide range of forging products. We house one of Ontario’s largest open die pull-down hydraulic forging press at 3,300 tons. We also have two smaller hydraulic presses: 600 ton and 1200 ton. And our Radial-Axial ring mill allows us to produce seamless rolled rings needed in high-stress applications that include nuclear reactor and pressure vessels. 

To assist with handling the material, we use cranes that can lift 30 tons. And our forging manipulators, which range from 4-25 tons, handle our products as we load and unload them into forging presses and furnaces.

Valued added services such as heat treatments, rough machining, torch cut shapes, deep hole boring and trepanning and saw cutting are also available under one roof. 

Closed Die Applications

We also have more applications to add to our resume. In our 60,000 square foot closed die plant, we produce components for construction equipment, hoists, cranes and metalworking machinery. We also produce components for different types of turbines (steam, gas, hydraulic and windmill). We also work with OEM companies to produce materials for defense and military equipment, Oil and Gas, Power Gen and Aerospace. As a result, we have solid knowledge of custom material specifications for these industries and applications.

To produce these forgings, we use dual action air hammers that range from 2,500 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. We also use mechanical trim presses to 215 tons to trim forged materials.


While CanForge doesn't have a catalogue of products available to you, we do have quite the resume. Get in touch with us to discuss what we can bring to your projects. 


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