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Economic Advantages of Forged Products

In the current economic climate, many businesses are finding new ways to adjust to unexpected changes. At CanForge, we can be part of the solution to help you move forward.

For more than a century, CanForge has weathered all kinds of momentous changes from world wars to recessions. Not only have we survived as a business, but we’ve provided forging services to help other businesses pull through too. This time is no different.

Forging offers many economic advantages to businesses that rely on quality components in demanding industries like power generation, mining, defence, and oil and gas production. Our customers depend on our forged products because we provide the best value and quality. Forging enables us to produce components with a level of durability that cannot be achieved through other processing methods such as casting, machining, or welding. Let’s look at an example by comparing forging to torch cutting.

When a business requires ring components, these items can be manufactured in either one of two ways: forging or torch cutting. Each processing method will determine how much material is used. When manufacturing a ring via torch cutting, the metal will often begin in the shape of a square. Using a high-temperature flame, the torch will cut the metal into the desired ring shape. Unfortunately, all corner stock and the full centre slug will be lost. The pre-shaped material is factored into the overall cost for the finished product, even though this material is discarded. In comparison, forging reduces material costs because less metal is wasted. The metal is shaped according to the desired shape and size using our open-die and closed-die equipment.

Forging allows for better precision because the workpiece closely resembles the final product. CanForge can offer quicker turnaround times because we spend less time on machining the component. This also prevents the component from being overhandled. The reduced wear and tear on the forging results in a component that is durable enough to withstand high-pressure applications.

Our customers can feel assured that our forging methods are the most efficient in our industry. CanForge’s components are weld-free, which means they are not at risk of rejection. Our forgings maintain better structural integrity because they are one seamless piece without joints. And we can produce the same part from varying sizes depending on the specifications required by our customers. Parts can be forged in almost any grade quickly and economically.
Even as our world continues to change, our customers can depend on us to be a smart economical choice for their forging needs. Contact us to learn more about how working with CanForge can be an advantage for you!


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